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Passive Source (SEED) Archiving Documentation

Main Documentation for PASSIVE Source Data Processing (SEED)


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Generating SEED from RT130 raw data

Generating SEED from RT125 raw data

Generating SEED from Q330 raw data

RT130 Data Processing in a Nutshell

RT125 Data Processing in a Nutshell

Q330 Data Processing in a Nutshell

RT130 Data Flow

RT125 Data Flow

Q330 Data Flow


Appendices Available for SEED Data and Related Software


Data Processing

Building a Batch File for dbbuild: how to generate a batch file for BRTT's Antelope database construction tool, dbbuild, with examples.

Fixhdr Help: detailed instructions for fixhdr, our mini-seed file header manipulation tool.

PASSCAL & Contributed Software Guide: brief descriptions of the software used in data processing and trouble-shooting tips for PASSCAL software.

Appendix A of the SEED Manual contains a brief description of the SEED Format channel naming convention and recommended channel names for PASSCAL sensors.

Trouble-Shooting Antelope Data Processing Software: suggestions for diagnosing and correcting errors output by Antelope data processing software.


Reviewing Datalogger State of Health

Logpeek: Reviewing RT130 State of Health Information: How to use logpeek and interpret RT-130 SOH information.

Q330 State of Health (SOH) Channels: descriptions of SOH channels recorded by a Q330.


Data Delivery Policy, Sending Data, Antelope Upgrades, and Data Coverage

Antelope Upgrades: how to update and install the current version of BRTT's Antelope package.

Data Delivery Policy: data archiving requirements for PASSCAL-supported experiments.

data2passcal - How to send miniseed data to PASSCAL

Other Useful Software Tools from IRIS include BUD, VASE, QUACK, and JWEED:
for more information see the IRIS website:


All SEED/passive-source data archiving appendices

Other Documentation - Video

A training video for RT130-to-SEED processing is now available. Based on the 2009 AGU Data Workshop presentation, the video is divided into three, 5-minute segments. Follow along with the text documents for an enhanced training experience.

  • Clip 1 discusses batch files and rt2ms.
  • Clip 2 demonstrates ckMseed, fixhdr, logpeek, pql, and log2miniseed.
  • Clip 3 focuses on a few Antelope commands: dbbuild, dbe, miniseed2days, and mk_dataless_seed. Also mentioned is the PASSCAL ftp program, gui_DoFTP.
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