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Station Installation Recordkeeping (Metadata)


Record keeping during station installation is as critical to constructing a successful site as is connecting components.  The records are not only necessary for assembling the meta-data required for submission of waveform data to the IRIS DMC, but may be of critical importance in solving problems associated with installation and operation of the equipment.  This section discusses the bare minimum in what should be recorded before and during installation.

PASSCAL will provide the installation teams with “Installation Sheets”.  These Installation Sheets represent a series of tasks that must be completed in the order presented, together with fields that require information to be entered.  The Installation Sheets thus represent not only a complete record of the equipment that went into a particular station, but also a final check of its performance and sanity check for ensuring that the station is operating normally before departing the site.

The Installation Sheets have equivalent versions that are used during service runs and, in some cases, for demobilization.

These sheets should be treated as permanent records, though it is likely that they will not survive long past a rain shower.  It is therefore imperative that the information recorded be transferred to a more permanent record such as a computer or transferred neatly to a clean Installation Sheet.  Neat handwriting is clearly an advantage.

Examples of an installation worksheet for a stand-alone station running a boroadband sensor and either RT130 or Q330 data acquisition systems are given below. Please have PASSCAL review the Install Sheets (and Service and Removal Sheets) you plan on using for your experiment, even if you downloaded them from the PASSCAL website. The sheets may be tailored to your experiment, specifically the equipment you've borrowed. Plus datalogger firmware changes, newly discovered bugs, etc. necessitate revisions to these sheets.


Example Information to compile:

Station name
Date and local time of visit
Installation crew names
GPS hand-held location information
Detailed driving and location notes, landowner contact information

Sensor S/N
Flash card(s) S/N
Battery voltage

GPS information such as time, location, elevation, status (locked, asleep, etc), # of satellites, etc.


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