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Shipping Calculations Form

This is the place to perform your own Shipping Estimates using the PASSCAL Knowledge Base.
These calculations are not official PASSCAL Quotes.
These are estimates only. You may use these to estimate budgets for proposals.
NOTE: for International Shipments, the minimum rate is more representative of exports FROM the United States,
while the maximum rate is more representative of imports TO the United States.
When you are ready to get actual quotes for shipping an experiment, please contact Jackie Gonzales by email ( or by phone (575.835.5560).
You can also download the informative PASSCAL Shipping weights table, 'Equipment Table.pdf'.
If you need information regarding Hi-Res Geodes, or Cable Weights and Dimension, please contact
For Broadband, Intermediate-Period, and Short-Period Sensors, DAS Weights are automatically added.
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