PASSCAL Experiments en Belen Reflection Test The is a small test of the viability of using railroad noise as the source of seismic energy for p wave refraction and reflection imaging of the subsurface using seismic interferometry. These results are desired to inform a proposal now in development which is based on applying this speculative methodology. Mt St Helens Seismic tomography experiment of the Mt St Helens volcanic system. Project consists of 2 orthogonal refraction profiles and 4 areal surveys to record 24 shots. Target goals are to illuminate the upper, middle, and lower crust of the Mt St Helens volcanic system. Man Made Maars A series of field-scale chemical blasts will be performed in order to investigate the relationship between scaled depth of burial and the seismoacoustic wavefield. We look forward to elucidating the transition from gas release dominated to ground acceleration dominated acoustic regimes as burial depth is increased, as well as clarifying the different mechanisms by which buried explosions produce sound. Broadband seismometers, accelerometers, and high speed imagery will constrain the ground motion during each explosion. Results from this study will aid in the interpretation of seismoacoustic signals from volcanoes as well as buried chemical and nuclear explosions. Upstate NY teaching Applied geophysics teaching at quarry in the Marcellus basin, and at a Seneca Indian archeological site Erebus Broadband We will replace aging Guralp digitizers on broadband seismic stations on Erebus volcano with Q330's which will allow data to be recorded when telemetry is lost with McMurdo Station. We would like to borrow 3 Q330's and polar rated cables for connection to Guralp 40T seismometers. We will provide solid state drives for the balers. Cascadia Initiative This deployment of approximately 15 broadband instruments is to complement the focused OBS array of the Cascadia Initiative. Beginning in July 2014, 20 OBS will be deployed offshore this region with approximate station spacing of 10-15 km. We want to record on land with a comparable station spacing for as long as possible during the 12-15 month OBS deployment. Kansas CO2 Small-scale CO2 injection in Wellington, KS will be monitored using seismometers, continuous GPS, InSAR, downhole CASSM, crosshole tomography, acoustic (pseudo high resolution VSP) and differential temperature with fiber optic (well and surface installation), and U-Tube sampling of fluids. Project funding provided by DOE. Greeley RAMP Greeley, Colorado, RAMP deployment. A magnitude 3.4 earthquake occurred near Greeley, Colorado on May 31, 2014 (June 1 UTC). The earthquake was widely felt over a 90 km radius, including in Boulder and parts of Denver. Earthquakes in this area are rare and unexpected. The earthquake was close to a Class II injection well and might have been induced. The RAMP study will be used to study aftershocks if they occur, and other seismicity in the region. Seismic station coverage in this area is sparse. SEGMeNT This experiment will acquire a family of geophysical, geochemical and geological observations in and around northern Lake Malawi to test fundamental hypotheses regarding continental rupture. Together, these data will allow us to characterize extensional deformation and magmatism at depth in the crust, mantle lithosphere and upper asthenosphere. These include seismic reflection data, onshore/offshore wide-angle seismic reflection/refraction data, passive seismic data (including body waves and surface waves), seismicity, long-period and wide-band MT data, continuous GPS data, InSAR data, and geochemical data. The IRIS PASSCAL component consists of 40 BB stations and 16 IP stations deployed for a period of 18 months. Falls City hydro A high resolution refraction survey to determine bedrock depth as part of a hydrological analysis for the town of Falls City. This survey will also serve to teach a group of hydrology MS students how to use geophysical techniques to evaluate water resources. Survey will be conducted in open field and meadows in the Coast Range foothills outside of town. If this request can be joined with the Toomey Geometrics Experiment 201408, we will save the expense of shipping the gear back and forth. It will also provide more flexibility for both of our experiments. We wiil be very careful that no items on the packing list fall through the cracks during the transfer.