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Batholiths Onland 2009 Photo Recap - Page 2

Sorting out the Equipment

 At the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, the starting point for many of the participants, a sidewalk emblem near the geology department demonstrates seismic ranging.
At Puntzi Lake, the location of one of two field centers for the project, Principal Investigators (PIs), grad students, and IRIS/PASSCAL staff gear up for some major equipment unloading. The truck was packed full with equipment for both field centers; several cargo vans will take many crates of equipment to the second field center near Bella Coola, hundreds of kilometers to the west.
U Alberta Grad student Todd and PASSCAL staffer Michael Johnson unload crates, while PASSCAL's George Slad waits for his turn.
Grad student Amorita (UTEP) looks for that next crate.
Dr. George Spence (Center, UVic) helps sort out what goes where.
PI Dr. John Hole (Va Tech), a horse, and Pnina Miller and Willie Zamora of IRIS/PASSCAL.   
  The horse stands next to crates of seismic equipment at the Puntzi Lake field center. The experiment is so large that two field centers are being used, separated by ~5 hours travel on steep, winding gravel roads. 



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