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Community Broadband Sensor Repair Policy

ver. 2011093

The PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) has historically honored requests to repair community owned broadband seismometers. Significant resources are required to process, evaluate, and repair a broadband instrument. To ensure that we are able to properly administer these requests and that we are offering these services consistently to all members of the IRIS community, the following policy will govern the PASSCAL Instrument Center's handling of these requests.

  • Priority will be given to IRIS, IRIS affiliates, and instruments scheduled for use on NSF funded experiments (referred to herein as User).
  • The PIC will only consider servicing models of intermediate and broadband seismometers that the PIC maintains as part of its instrument pool.
  • Users are required to use the web-based form to request service.
  • Upon receipt of a service request, PASSCAL will determine whether to authorize shipment of the broken broadband(s) to the PIC.
  • Equipment will be processed on a non-interference basis.
  • PASSCAL will provide our best estimate of time and cost to repair a User's sensor within 3 months of receiving shipment.
  • PASSCAL reserves the right to refuse a request or, upon examination, a User's sensor for repair.
  • PASSCAL will only perform a single repair iteration (pier test and evaluation, bench repair, pier test and evaluation) on a sensor. If after a single iteration the sensor still does not pass PIC's sensor criteria, it will be returned to the User with an explanation of the work performed and the problem(s) remaining.
  • The User is responsible for all shipping, insurance and parts. Sensors not repaired will be returned to the User. PASSCAL will not process RMAs with the manufacturer.
  • PASSCAL assumes no responsibility, if in the process of providing service to the instrument, it is damaged and/or the resulting performance is degraded from the performance of the instrument when received by the PIC.
  • PASSCAL will not guarantee that an instrument is repaired to the manufacturer's specification. However, PASSCAL will pier test and certify repaired sensors. The User will be provided access to repair notes and test results upon request.