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Data Archiving - General Data Flow



Data Archiving is a Collaborative Effort

  General flow of data from the field to the IRIS DMC, regardless of source or data format type.  The colors blue and orange illustrate the responsible party for each segment of the flow, the Principle Investigator or PASSCAL, respectively. 



PASSCAL's primary role in the data archiving process is to vet all data sets prior to archiving, regardless whether data emanate from PASSCAL or Flexible Array experiments, to ensure data arriving at the IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) will require minimal "hands-on" effort to archive.  Through the Array Operations Facility PASSCAL also processes, for the purpose of archiving, data originating from all Earthscope-funded Flexible Array experiments.

The general data flow may be summarized as follows.

  • The principle investigator (PI) collects the data and organizes the meta-data in preparation for processing into an archive-able format, regardless of experiment type.
  • PIs of PASSCAL experiments are required to process the data and meta-data into an archive-able format prior to submission of the data set to PASSCAL for verification and archiving at the DMC. 
  • PIs of Flexible Array experiments are required to submit the data and meta-data to PASSCAL, at which point PASSCAL staff process the data and meta-data into an archive-able format, in addition to verifying and submitting the data set to the DMC.
  • Both the PI and PASSCAL staff review the completeness of the data archived to ensure the PI has met the data archiving requirement as outlined in the Data+Delivery+Policy or Flexible+Array+Data+Policy.