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Employment Opportunity: Staff Scientist/Seismometer Analyst

The EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC) at New Mexico Tech seeks a Seismometer Analyst to join our sensor team developing innovative equipment testing and providing support for geophysical projects, both internally and in the field. ​

Job summary

The Seismometer Analyst is responsible for testing, analyzing and monitoring the health of the sensor inventory operated by the EPIC. This effort includes quality assurance testing of broadband, intermediate, and short-period seismometers; developing test procedures and archiving of test data in support of seismometer testing; maintaining real-time data capture of seismic pier data; evaluating new sensors to consider as additions to the inventory; analyzing inventory maintenance records for trends in instrument degradation; and providing expert sensor advice to facility users.

Required qualifications

Master’s degree in seismology or related field or 5 years direct applicable experience. Familiarity with seismic theory, time-series analysis, and common data formats use for seismological research. Familiarity with scripting languages.

Desired qualifications

Working knowledge of SeisComp3 and/or Antelope data capture and management systems.

Apply to:

nmtjobapps [at] npe [dot] nmt [dot] edu

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