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Field Staffing Policy

August 23, 2006

PIC staffing support for field operations

PIs may request PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) staff to support field operations. The PIC will do its best to provide the requested support given the available resources at the time of the field campaign. The PIC also reserves the right not to provide field support if the field area is deemed to dangerous; in such a case the PIC will do all that is possible to ensure the success of the experiment. The PIC strongly recommends that all PIs take advantage of this resource recognizing the expertise that the PIC staff offers field operations. Any individual PIC staff will not be required to spend more than four (4) weeks supporting a field campaign unless special circumstances exist and all parties, PI, PIC management and PIC field personnel, have agreed. For field campaigns that last longer than four (4) weeks PIs can opt to have rotating shifts of PIC staff support. Arrangements should be made such that PIC staff arrives in-country after the equipment has cleared customs. PIC personnel travel arrangements are the responsibility of PASSCAL staff and will be coordinated with the PI for both schedule and budget considerations.

PIC staff and PI relations

PIC staff is ‘in the field’ at the request and invitation of the PI. As such, PIC staff is there to provide technical support and advice to the PI and will defer to the PI regarding decisions that impact the experiment. PIC staff will also abide by guidelines established by the PI for doing fieldwork and respect cultural, religious, and social mores of the host country.

PIC staff responsibilities in the field

General (applies to all types of experiments)

On arriving in country, PIC staff is responsible for checking the shipment inventory, setting up the field lab, and providing all in-country software and hardware training. PIC staff is responsible for determining that all PASSCAL equipment is functioning prior to deployment. Any equipment damaged in shipping will be repaired to the best of PIC staff ability. The equipment will be tested during a huddle test at which time complete stations will be assembled in a lab environment and the PI approved recording parameters will be tested. If time permits and the above responsibilities have been satisfied, PIC staff can participate in the deployment of seismic stations or any other tasks identified by the PI that will aid in the success of the experiment. Under no circumstances will PIC staff take personal time during an experiment unless granted by the PI.

Active Source

For active source experiments PIC staff is responsible for ensuring that all of the instruments have been correctly programmed prior to deployment. After the recording, PIC staff is responsible for offloading all of the data, performing QC, creating backups of the raw data, and reprogramming the instruments if necessary. If time permits, PIC staff can produce record sections at the PI’s request.

Passive Recording

For broadband passive experiments an overnight huddle test will be performed to allow for the sensors to stabilize. PIC staff should participate in at least the first several installations to provide expert advice and help finalize the station design.