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Narod Intelligent Magnetotelluric Systems (NIMS) for MT investigations

Until October 1, 2020, the PIC has partnered with the National Geoelectromagnetic Facility (NGF) at Oregon State University ( to offer 27 Narod Intelligent Magnetotelluric Systems (NIMS) for MT investigations. The NIMS is a 1 Hz sample rate long-period MT instrument. It includes a Triaxial ring-core magnetometer (left), OSU Pb-PbCl2 gel-type electrodes (top) and a receiver unit which contains its data acquisition system (bottom). The NIMS receivers have been recently updated to support continued usage. They contain new GNSS receivers to replace the original GPS receivers, providing a faster satellite lock and larger set of satellite constellations and improving the ability to acquire precise system timing under challenging conditions, such as extensive tree canopy. In addition, the original CF card based data logging subsystems have been replaced with one that uses microSD card media, which improves data file naming convention and operates a micro web server system interface accessible over a wireless (wifi) link that is compatible with any wifi equipped device. These instruments are available through the conditions stated in the PASSCAL Instrument Use Policy. OSU-owned wideband MT systems are available through the NGF using a cost recovery model.

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