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PASSCAL Advisory Committee on Active Sources

The Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology (IRIS) currently provides seismic recording instruments to the academic and government seismology research community. These instruments generally fall into 2 categories. The first is those instruments, which record natural sources while the second is for active or man-made sources.

PASSCAL has concentrated on providing the equipment to record the seismic events and largely ignored the acquisition of sources. The PASSCAL Standing Committee would like to have this issue re-examined to see if PASSCAL should do more to support the operation of active source experiments in terms of offering sources.

Alan Levander has agreed to chair an advisory committee to look at this issue and report back to PASSCAL in the fall of 2009 with possible courses of action. The following have agreed to serve on the committee:

  • Alan Levander, Co-Chair
  • Tom Pratt, Co-Chair
  • Lee Liberty
  • Tom Brocher
  • John Hole
  • Ellen Rathje
  • Board liaison (D. Forsyth and S. van der Lee)

Charge to Committee

Controlled-Source Seismology White Paper (pdf, 4MB)

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