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PASSOFT Software Installation Updated

 New installation scripts for the PASSOFT software suite have been developed by the software group, and are now available for public download on this page. The PASSOFT suite includes open-source software for downloading seismic data from data recorders, for quality assessment, and for conversion to other data formats for analysis and archiving at the IRIS Data Management Center.

Install scripts are available for both MAC OS and Linux platforms. These scripts install the entire family of PASSOFT applications, along with Nexus and PQL. If only Nexus is needed, a separate install procedure exists for stand-alone installation. Nexus, a simple tool for creating SEED meta-data, is described in more detail here. The PASSOFT page also includes links to the PH5 wiki page. PH5 is the PASSCAL archival format recommended for controlled-source and mixed-source data sets. 

New procedures for bug reporting are included on the updated software page as well. 

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