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Convert Amplitude Scale in Geospace Y-28-3D

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Dear Sir, I am a student in Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), I am on doing my final project about microseismic, on this good opportunity, I want to ask about how to convert amplitude scale in Geospace Y-28-3D instrument. in the seismogram, amplitude scale is in count, how to convert into milimeter. Thank you for your response. regards, Dias Arief Prasetyono Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)
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Hello Dias,

You need to know the digitizer bit weight as well as the sensor
sensitivity and bandwidth to convert to millimeters.
Information about the Y-28-3D three-component geophone is
on our website:
You could also look at full response information at the IRIS DMC if you know 
the network code, station, channel and time from which the data come: