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Instrument Request for OIINK (AKA SDYNAC) (201133)


Long Name: Structure and Dynamics of the North American Craton


The proposed array is a 3-D, broadband, passive seismic array centered over the
depocenter of the Illinois Basin. The array was designed to provide enhanced station density or 3
to 1 relative to the Earthscope TA. The design builds on the experience of the first major
EarthScope FA experiment (SNEP) that was set up in the southern Sierra Nevada.
We will occupy 120 stations over a 3-year period coinciding with the
deployment of the TA; site occupation will roll in four distinct stages using a maximum of 60
simultaneously operating stations. If funded in this form the experiment will aim to match recording
periods of the TA in the region as much as possible. Experiment will use FA telemetry for as many stations as possible.

Scheduled Requests
# Request Id Leaves PIC Dock Returns to PIC Dock Updated
1 S4329-1441 2015-06-10 2015-10-31 2015-06-10 13:08:55
Type Instrument Quantity
Sensor Broadband 10
Datalogger Three Channel 10
2 S4328-1439 2012-06-01 2015-06-10 2013-04-26 08:38:20
Type Instrument Quantity
Sensor Broadband 33
Datalogger Three Channel 33
3 S4327-1436 2012-08-10 2015-06-10 2013-04-26 08:38:20
Type Instrument Quantity
Datalogger Three Channel 27
Sensor Broadband 27
4 S4326-1431 2011-07-07 2012-06-01 2012-05-21 10:01:00
Type Instrument Quantity
Sensor Short Period 14
Datalogger Three Channel 14
Collaborators & Roles
PI Organization Role
Gary Pavlis Indiana University Principal Investigator (PI)
Hersh Gilbert Purdue University Co-PI
Funded Funding Date Award # USAP / PFS Event # Support Letter Letter Due
Yes 2011-02-09 1053354 No N/A

Funding Agencies & Programs

Agency Program
National Science Foundation Not Applicable
Using the PI's current contact information as the billing contact.
Experiment Support
If the experiment requires additional support, it will be listed below.
Passcal Staff? Yes
Computer Support? Yes
Field Coordination? No
SSF Coordination? No
International Shipping? No

Coordination Notes:

Location & Environment
Southwest Coordinates:
Latitude 36.9
Longitude -91
Northeast Coordinates:
Latitude 39
Longitude -84


Geographic Location:

southeast Missouri, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, western Kentucky