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Instrument Request for MASW in Shallow Marine Sediments (201841)

Name: MASW in Shallow Marine Sediments

Long Name: Determining the Shear Wave Velocity structure of Shallow Marine Sediments utilizing the MASW method


Experiment intent is to utilize the Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) method to determine the shear wave velocity structure and, ultimately, the correlated SPT blow count and bearing capacity of shallow marine sediments for pile driving suitability. The experimental setup includes a marine seismic source, a 24-channel hydrophone array/streamer, data analysis software (all procured separately by this investigator) as well as a seismograph and associated software (nature of this request, specifically interested in the Geode 24 seismograph and associated field laptop with data acquisition software) to acquire Scholte surface waves excited by the seismic source. The experiment is currently planned to be conducted at three sites: 1) Validation tests conducted on campus at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL, 2) Marine site located within or near the Little Talbot Island State Park in Jacksonville, FL, 3) Florida Department of Transportation marine pile driving test sites in the Jacksonville area (exact location to be determined). The overall goal of the project is to: 1) Successfully operate the experimental setup/proof of concept of MASW equipment package in shallow marine waters, 2) Compare MASW shear wave velocity and SPT blow count determinations to FDOT soil reports and boring logs for comparison and validation of MASW method, 3) Compare MASW shear wave velocity and SPT blow count determinations to U.S. Navy geotechnical testing for comparison and validation.

Scheduled Requests
# Request Id Leaves PIC Dock Returns to PIC Dock Updated
1 S5099-3495 2018-07-02 2018-10-31 2018-09-18 11:38:15
Type Instrument Quantity
Datalogger Multi Channel 1
Sensor Geophone(4.5 Hz) 24
Collaborators & Roles
PI Organization Role
William Fletcher University of North Florida Principal Investigator (PI)
Funded Funding Date Proposal # NSF Letter Letter Due
Yes 2018-04-17 UNF-01 No N/A

Funding Agencies & Programs

Agency Program
University Internal
Department of Defense Not Applicable
Using the PI's current contact information as the billing contact.
Experiment Support
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Passcal Staff? No

Computer Support? Yes

Field Coordination? No

SSF Coordination? No

Coordination Notes:

Location & Environment
Southwest Coordinates:
Latitude 30.2366
Longitude -81.5634
Northeast Coordinates:
Latitude 30.5706
Longitude -81.3025


Geographic Location:

1) University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
2) Little Talbot Island State Park, Jacksonville, FL
3) FDOT Pile Sites, exact