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Instrument Request for ITOPNC (201851)


Long Name: Investigating Thickness of Peridotites in New Caledonia (formerly CaNappe)


How are ophiolites emplaced, and how does this relate to subduction initiation? This is a question that may drive an ICDP-IODP proposal in 2019 to drill in and around New Caledonia. We will collect passive seismic data near road RP3 between Noumea and Yate in southeastern New Caledonia, to constrain the depth to the base of the ophiolite. We will focus on the region from the southwest edge of ultramafic rocks to Lac de Yate, to complete a transect between two permanent broadband sites. We will deploy 12 broadband instruments for up to one year. Surface waves and converted/reflected waves from the basal interface will be analysed. Energy sources will be natural earthquakes or/and ambient noise and possibly active-source blasts (mines, ships, etc.). The data set will be used to facilitate an international collaboration between European, US, and southwest Pacific scientists and will be the basis for choosing future drilling sites.

Scheduled Requests
# Request Id Leaves PIC Dock Returns to PIC Dock Updated
1 S5116-3400 2018-07-09 2019-07-08 2018-06-15 15:16:29
Type Instrument Quantity
Sensor Broadband 12
Datalogger Three Channel 12
Collaborators & Roles
PI Organization Role
John Townend Victoria University Principal Investigator (PI)
Martha Savage Victoria University of Wellington Co-PI
Funded Funding Date Proposal # NSF Letter Letter Due
Yes 2018-06-01 N/A No N/A

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Agency Program
Not Listed Not Listed
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Computer Support? Yes

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Coordination Notes:

Location & Environment
Southwest Coordinates:
Latitude -22.6294
Longitude 165.923
Northeast Coordinates:
Latitude -21.3459
Longitude 167.175

Low Mountain

Geographic Location:

Noumea, New Caledonia