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Instrument Request for Avawatz Foothills (201856)

Name: Avawatz Foothills

Long Name: Imaging an active, blind thrust fault along the front of hte Avawatz Mountains (California)


We plan to collect a seismic reflection profile in the northern Avawatz Mountains that cross the frontal, blind thrust fault. Combining PASSCAL instruments with our own, we will use 108 channels (40 hz phones) in a 'modified' rolling spread configuration to acquire 600 - 800 meters of seismic data. We will use a Betsy gun source. From prior experience in the area (Noble Hills, 8 km to the northwest), we anticipate imaging to a depth of 500 - 1000 meters. Based on surface geology, we anticipate that to be sufficient to image the upper part of the blind thrust fault. We have already conducted preliminary geologic investigations and confirmed the accessibility of the site. The seismic reflection data should help constrain the geometry of the fault, and the growing fold geometry is constrained with surface geological measurements from bedrock and deformed gravel beds. This work is funded by the University of Missouri Research Board, and constitutes part of the M.S. thesis research of an MU graduate student.

Scheduled Requests
# Request Id Leaves PIC Dock Returns to PIC Dock Updated
1 S5135-3460 2018-09-24 2018-10-25 2018-08-13 10:54:04
Type Instrument Quantity
Sensor Geophone(40 Hz) 75
Datalogger Multi Channel 3
Collaborators & Roles
PI Organization Role
Francisco Gomez University of Missouri Principal Investigator (PI)
Eric Sandvol University of Missouri Co-PI
Funded Funding Date Award # NSF Letter Letter Due
Yes 2017-05-20 No N/A

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Location & Environment
Southwest Coordinates:
Latitude 35.5873
Longitude -116.365
Northeast Coordinates:
Latitude 35.6035
Longitude -116.347

Low Desert

Geographic Location:

Death Valley / Avawatz Mountains (Mojave Desert), California