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Instrument Request for GAS2018 (201859)

Name: GAS2018

Long Name: Effect of the explosive type on rock damage and seismic radiation


Chemical explosions are often used as a proxy to study seismic wave radiation from nuclear explosions. One of the important features of the chemical explosions is the release of explosive gases during the explosive detonation, which is often overlooked in seismic studies. Recent observations from chemical explosions indicate that explosive gas products may significantly affect the radiated seismic waves. For example, it is known that a higher amount of gas released in a chemical explosion results in an increase in rock damage due to the opening and propagation of fractures. However the effect of the cavity gas and the rock damage affects the far-field seismic radiation is not well understood. A field experiment intended to elucidate the effect of the explosive gas in the cavity was conducted in 2016 (GAS2016). The new experiment is a follow-up study, which will provide insight into the questions that remained unanswered after the 2016 experiment. The new experimental study will include several new explosions recorded by a near-source to local seismic network.

Scheduled Requests
# Request Id Leaves PIC Dock Returns to PIC Dock Updated
1 S5142-3475 2018-10-01 2018-11-09 2018-08-21 13:13:11
Type Instrument Quantity
Sensor Short Period 20
Auxiliary BIHO Box 18
Datalogger Three Channel 30
Collaborators & Roles
PI Organization Role
Anastasia Stroujkova Weston Geophysical Principal Investigator (PI)
Funded Funding Date Award # NSF Letter Letter Due
Yes 2018-08-08 FA9453-18-C-0060 No N/A

Funding Agencies & Programs

Agency Program
Department of Defense Air Force Research Laboratory
Name Phone Email Address

James Lewkowicz


Weston Geophysical Corp.
181 Bedford Street, Suite 1
Lexington, MA 02420

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Passcal Staff? No

Computer Support? No

Field Coordination? No

SSF Coordination? No

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Location & Environment
Southwest Coordinates:
Latitude 44.1692
Longitude -71.6569
Northeast Coordinates:
Latitude 44.4071
Longitude -71.385

Low Mountain

Geographic Location:

New Hampshire