There is a storage area under the couch/queen bed and originally the hatch for it opened up like in the picture. I didn't like that. You had to try and hold it open while you tried to put stuff in and take stuff out. To fix it all I did was flip the door around so the hinges were on the bottom, and fill in the old hinge screw holes with putty. The only hard part was moving the double roller part of the latch and getting it in the right place. That's it in the lower left-hand corner of the hole.

There is another hatch that gets you access to the storage area under one side of the dinette. It is right by the door to the trailer. It was installed with the hatch so close to the floor that I couldn't open it with a small rug there. I just undid the hinge screws and raised it so there was more clearance. Simple. Again, I had to move the double roller part and get it in the right place.