Came across this Plug Guard online while surfing for other stuff. I had been letting the trailer to vehicle power/lights plug hang down after a trip. This hangs on to the plug just like the outlet on the car/truck using a bump on the inside of the spring loaded cover. It simply keeps the electrical bits out of the weather. This model came prepared to be mounted to something like the frame at the front of the trailer with two holes and two self tapping screws. I decided to try a U-bolt and attach it to the jack. Couldn't find a 1/4" one that was 2-1/2" wide, so had to go with a 5/16" bolt. The U-bolt had to be squeezed a little bit with a vice, and the holes in the plastic had to be enlarged a bit for the 5/16" bolt with a pocket knife. Seems like it will work OK.