I got ahold of some plastic split conduit about 1/2" in diameter and decided to get a handle on the wiring mess at the front of the trailer.

This is the emergency brake switch. If the trailer comes loose from the car/truck the cable on the left, which is attached to the car/truck, will pull a plate out of the switch and the electric brakes on the trailer will engage. The only problem I saw was that the wires to the brakes ran under the tongue. If the trailer is skidding along, because it disconnected from the car/truck what is the most likely part of the trailer that will be grinding on or be close to the ground? The tongue. I decided to reroute the wires over the top of the frame, instead.


Much nicer. The splice in the main power line that was put there by whomever originally stuck that silly inline fuse before the battery (see the PROBLEMS section) was now all sealed up and inside the conduit. The conduit ran up into the battery box and ran all of the way back under the trailer until the wires went up through the floor. The emergency brake wires were safe, unless the trailer flipped over in which case the emergency feature of the brakes wouldn't do much good anyway. I think the roof will bring the trailer to a safe stop.