This was Jacqui Awakoumides. She was our liaison to the Air Force base personnel, and site safety officer.

We all got to take turns running the shot computer. Not because we were lucky, but because after a while your mind turned to mush.

They are not resting. They are changing batteries. One set of batteries lasted for about four days of recording. After that we all pitched in to help swap out the 1200 or so batteries in all of the Texans.

The sign below says "Texans Only". This was the sight that greeted Jacqui at both doors to her office one morning. For some reason she wasn't amused.

You couldn't smoke in the area, but you could shoot off rifles?

Willie Zamora of IRIS/PASSCAL and Galen Kaip of UTEP either fixing something, or planning some practical joke.

You can't tell it in the picture below, but the wind was blowing about forty miles an hour. We were all being sandblasted as we tried to get all of the instruments picked up off the ground, put into boxes, and inside the trailer before a thunderstorm, in the background, hit. We only got a little wet.

We were almost finished! Where's our shade??