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Employment at PASSCAL

Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Staff Scientist/Software Engineer

Staff Scientist/Software Engineer


Develop and maintain software that is used on or to facilitate seismological experiments. IRIS PASSCAL software includes tools to: interface with seismic data loggers, test equipment, convert between data formats, analyze state-of-health information, manage inventory and maintenance, and schedule equipment. The software engineer will also be responsible for providing user support to both PASSCAL staff and the IRIS community. The software engineer will have opportunities to conduct training and do seismological fieldwork.


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Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Hardware Specialist

IRIS/PASSCAL at New Mexico Tech is seeking a Hardware Specialist to support facility activities. The Hardware Specialist's duties will include: Support of hardware engineering staff; Assist with testing and maintenance records for seismic and ancillary equipment; Work in warehouse packing, preparing and inspecting of equipment for shipping; Assist with testing of non-pool or in-house equipment; Assist with in-field experiments; and, Train new work study students.

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