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Employment at PASSCAL

Staff Scientist/Polar Logistics

IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center Seeks Staff Scientist/Polar Logistics

Job Duties:

The Staff Scientist/ Polar Logistics position is part of the Polar team at PASSCAL supporting seismological research in the Arctic and Antarctic. The Primary function of the position is to coordinate experiment support and logistics. Core responsibilities include: Coordination, planning and logistics for polar experiments; liaison to NSF contracted support services; shipping support for polar experiments; in-field hardware preparations and logistics support; and inventory and procurement support for polar equipment.

Required Qualifications:

Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Hardware Specialist

IRIS/PASSCAL at New Mexico Tech is seeking a Hardware Specialist to support facility activities. The Hardware Specialist's duties will include: Support of hardware engineering staff; Assist with testing and maintenance records for seismic and ancillary equipment; Work in warehouse packing, preparing and inspecting of equipment for shipping; Assist with testing of non-pool or in-house equipment; Assist with in-field experiments; and, Train new work study students.

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