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Leveling Broadband Sensors

Fetch the sensor planned for the site and write its serial number on the station's Installation Sheet, preferably in pencil, because if the sensor does not work properly, you will have to try a different one. Loosen the sensor feet (the foot-locking mechanisms may need to be backed off) and shorten the feet (also known as legs) as much as possible. Clean grit off the sensor pad. Place the sensor on the sensor pad and adjust the sensor's position until its orienting keys are precisely aligned.

Now level the sensor by adjusting the foot lengths while watching the sensor's bubble level; usually only 2 feet will need adjustment. If the pad is way out of level, you may need to shim with a few coins under a foot. The sensor should be level when the bubble level is centered. At this point, recheck the orientation, make adjustments as necessary; recheck the level and adjust as necessary.