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Station Installation Suggested Materials List


One of the worst things that can happen during a deployment, especially a highly remote deployment, is not having the correct tools or supplies.  The following is a minimum suggested list of things to take if you are constructing a station that will house PASSCAL equipment for more than a few weeks. This list is in addition to the construction materials that will be used to make vaults, enclosures and fences.  Usually this would pertain to passive-source, broadband (or midband) experiments that deploy equipment for 1-2 years and will be visited approximately every three months during that time in order to check the data and the condition of the station.  PASSCAL will advise if any other specialty tools are required.  Please adjust quantities to provide for all installation teams and number of stations.

Create checklists for your experiment and use them. Here's an example checklist for loading vehicles to go out into the field.


Tool roll or bag
Adjustable wrenchs (4” and 8”.  Alternately, use spanners)
Screwdriver, flat
Screwdriver, philips
Fence wire cutters
Wire stripper/cutter/crimper
Channel locks
Vice grips
Needle-nose pliers
Bubble level & triangle
Butane torch (remember, butane cannot be carried on an airline)
Utility knife
Headlamp or flashlight
Files (small and large)

Shovels (varying styles and handle lengths)
Post-hole digger
Rock bar or pry bar
T-post pounder (if T-posts are used)
Trowel (for mixing concrete)
Handheld GPS
Tape measure


Zip ties
Electrical tape, red and black
Duct tape
Marker pens
Installation/service sheets
Silicon sealant
Rubber vulcanizing tape
Plumbers putty
Flagging tape in bright colors

Example Vehicle-Loading Checklist:

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