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Here is a listing of PASSCAL News items from the last 6 months. If you want to look up something older, you should check the News Archive.

Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Staff Scientist/Hardware Engineer (2)

IRIS/PASSCAL seeks a Staff Scientist/Hardware Engineer to join our hardware team, supporting the development of innovative solutions for testing equipment and supporting PASSCAL projects, both internally and in the field. 


Core responsibilities are to support routine testing of PASSCAL equipment and supporting PASSCAL engineering projects primarily in the lab and in the field as needed. Duties include: Routine testing of PASSCAL’s pooled hardware, research new products, materials and technologies that could advance the equipment pools and optimize support for PI experiments; test, develop and apply methods for testing seismic instrumentation and ancillary scientific equipment; development of specialized equipment to support geophysical installations in all environments; produce reports and maintain documentation and web content related to testing of scientific equipment; and as appropriate, field support of seismic experiments.  

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Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Sr. Staff Scientist/Software Group Supervisor

Senior Staff Scientist/Software Group Supervisor

Institution: IRIS PASSCAL
Open Until: filled

The core responsibility of the IRIS PASSCAL Software Group Supervisor is to direct and oversee software development and distribution. The Group Supervisor is expected to assess both facility and community software needs, scope and design development projects, and evaluate final products to ensure project goals and performance criteria are achieved. The Group Supervisor is expected to establish development standards and infrastructure to ensure a maintainable software package. The Software Group Supervisor is also expected to devote significant time designing, developing, and maintaining software.

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Staff Scientist / Software Engineer

The IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center at New Mexico Tech is seeking applicants to fill the position of Staff Scientist/Software Engineer. Primary responsibility is to support software engineering projects both in the lab and in the field.

Duties include: The software engineer’s core responsibility is to develop and maintain software that is used on or to facilitate seismological experiments. IRIS PASSCAL software includes tools to: interface with seismic data loggers, test equipment, convert between data formats, analyze state-of-health information, manage inventory and maintenance, and schedule equipment. The software engineer will also be responsible for providing user support to both PASSCAL staff and the IRIS community. The software engineer will have opportunities to conduct training and do seismological fieldwork.

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Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Hardware Specialist

The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Program for Array Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (IRIS PASSCAL) Instrument Center ( at New Mexico Tech is seeking applicants to fill the position of Hardware Specialist.


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Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Magnetotellurics Specialist

IRIS/PASSCAL at New Mexico Tech is seeking a Magnetotellurics Specialist to lead our nascent MT support program. You will be joining a staff of 35 providing support to geophysical research globally.


Core responsibility is to support magnetotelluric equipment pool at IRIS PASSCAL. Support will include: equipment testing and maintenance; coordinating equipment use; data archiving support; user training; and fieldwork. The Magnetotelluric Specialist will also be responsible for developing training and use documentation emphasizing best practices.


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