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Instrument Use Agreement

Principal Investigator: _________________________


Experiment: ________________


Portable field recording equipment, field computers and other associated equipment purchased by the PASSCAL Program are being made available to the experiment referenced above. In return for the use of this equipment, the Principal Investigator (PI) is expected to adhere to the following conditions with respect to the operation, care and disposition of the equipment and data obtained:

1. Copies of all data sets acquired with the instruments will be made available to the IRIS Data Management Center in accordance with the PASSCAL Data Delivery Policy.

2. The PI and key experiment personnel are required to have proper training on the recording instruments and the field computers;

3. The PI is responsible for all travel expenses for personnel from the PASSCAL Instrument Center who accompany the equipment to the field;

4. The experiment will be responsible for all shipping arrangements, costs and customs duties which may be incurred in getting the equipment legally to and from the field site. The PASSCAL Instrument Centers provide advice, documentation and other support in this effort;

5. The PI is responsible to see that the equipment is returned to the instrument center on the date specified. In the case of foreign experiments, the PI will have at least one person in country overseeing the customs and shipping efforts until the equipment has cleared customs and is in transit back to the US;

6. The investigators will be responsible for appropriate care and handling of the equipment;

7. The PI is responsible for obtaining all permits (Federal, State, local and private), prior to installation necessary for the lawful operation of the equipment;

8. Immediately after the field work has been completed, the PI will submit an Experiment Evaluation Form summarizing the field portion of the experiment; and

9. Following completion of data archiving with the DMC, the PI will submit a Data Evaluation Form summarizing the data archiving portion of the experiment.


Acknowledgment - In any publications or reports resulting from the use of these instruments, please include the following statement in the acknowledgment section. You are also encouraged to acknowledge NSF and IRIS in any contacts with the news media or in general articles.


"The instruments used in the field program were provided by the PASSCAL facility of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) through the PASSCAL Instrument Center at New Mexico Tech. Data collected during this experiment will be available through the IRIS Data Management Center. The facilities of the IRIS Consortium are supported by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement EAR-0552316 and by the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration."

The undersigned ( _______________________ ) acknowledges that __________________________ will be receiving Government-owned equipment from Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) pursuant to the PASSCAL Program: This equipment is being made available to __________________________ , free of charge, as a scientific resource. The equipment will be treated with care and returned in an undamaged condition at the specified return date, to the appropriate Instrument Center. _________________________ will be solely responsible for the use and care of the equipment until its return, including all shipping and handling costs and fees. __________________________ has read and agrees to abide by the conditions of the Data Delivery Policy and the Instrument Use Policy including proper acknowledgement of support in all publications.

PASSCAL Instrument Centers will upon request provide advice, documentation and other support, and at __________________________ expense will send personnel to the field to insure that the equipment is functioning properly.

Signed By: __________________________________              Date: __________________________________

Relevant policies:

Instrument Use Policy (9/12/06)

Data Delivery Policy (11/01/17)

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