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Programming RT130's

The RT130 can be configured using any PalmOS device that has a serial interface and the program PFC-130, but the PASSCAL Instrument Center exclusively uses and provides Sony Cliés.


The following is an example outline of an RT130 configuration using the PFC-130 program. The outline is intended as a quick reference guide only and is not a substitute for training or reading the official manufacturer's manual. For detailed information on programming the RT130 using PFC-130, consult the manufacturer's RT130 information page and brochure.

PFC-130 Quick Reference Guide to Programming

Note: Items marked with * are information that will be written to the log file, but will not affect the operation of the RT130.

From the main menu select:

   Work with Configuration

      Select Load or New

          select from the pre-loaded list of RT130 configuration files or start from scratch

From the Configuration menu, select:

      Select Edit

          *Fill in  Station   [5-character code]

          *Fill in Experiment  [short mnemonic and/or network code]

       Select Channels

            Highlight each channel (1-3) in turn

            Select Detail or Activate

                 Check and modify the following entries:

                 *Name  [Usually left as NEW_CH]



                 *Sensor  [type; e.g., STS-2]

                 *Sensor #  [serial number/barcode]

                 Gain  [Unity for broadband, High for short-period]

                 select Apply

               select Apply

         Select  Streams

            Highlight each stream in turn (check D for Disk)

            Select  Detail

               Check and modify the following entries:

               *Name  [short mnemonic]

              Channels Included  [check all that apply, usually 1,2,3]

               Format  [CO (compressed) ]

               Rate  [sample rate]

   NOTE: Sample rates 1000, 500, 250, 125, 50, 25 can not be used with another sample rate.

               Trigger [Continuous]

               Select  Details

                 enter number of seconds per record [usually 3600 for hour-long records]

                 select OK

               select Apply

            select Apply

         select Aux. Data

           Destination: D [record to disk]

           Channels Included  [check 1,2,3 for mass positions]

            Sample period [10 sec recommended]

          Record Length [86400 recommended]

          select Apply

         select Auto Center

             Cycle Time

                 [The number of days, not hours between auto centering events]

            select Apply

         select Sensor Test

            Ch. Group 1-3

            Enable ON

            Signal Type Step

            Amplitude 0.7 V

            Duration 1000 sec

            Pulse Width 300 sec

            Pulse Interval  600 sec

            select Apply

       select Apply

      Save As  [if this “new” configuration will be used to clone future sites]

      Send to DAS  [transfers current configuration to RT130, overwriting any existing setup]

      From DAS  [check to make sure transfer was successful; verify all parameters are correct]

  select  Done