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Power and Memory Calculations Form

Three-Channel Dataloggers with Sensors

To use this form, first select values for Sensor Type (the type automatically includes whether sensors are Passive or Active), DAS Type (Quanterra or Reftek), and use of Telemetry.
Then, specify the Battery capacity in Amp-Hours, and the Solar Panel Wattage (watts), and then click the 'Estimate' button.
If you simply want to check memory usage, ignore the sensor, datalogger, telemetry, and battery/solar power options - just enter DAS memory, sample rate, data format, and number of channels, then click 'Estimate' to go.
Select Yes if you are using Telemetry to monitor this station remotely.
Enter the percentage of daily sunlight,
ranging from 0 (no sun) thru 100;
12 hours of sun is 50%.
Note: not for older hard-drive models,
which will hold many GBs

Texans Only

To use this form, select values for Texan Memory, D-Cell capacity, Sample Rate, and Event Table or Continuous.
If you select Event Table, proceed to enter Events per day, and Idle/Standby/Recording Times per event, then click the 'Estimate' button.
If you selected Continuous, that will provide the estimate for steady (no interruptions) data acquisition.
Enter the number of events
occurring per day.
The Idle Time, occurs both
before and after event table events.
The Standby (Warming Up) Time,
before event table events.
The Recording Time for each
event table Event.