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Magseis Fairfield ZLand 3C Node - 3-Channel All in One, Sensor and Datalogger

The FairfieldNodal ZLand 3C is a compact all-in-one 3-channel sensor & datalogger with onboard GPS timing, and a self contained power supply. Originally designed for use in large N industry deployments, it has been adopted by the academic community as a useful sensor for both active and short-term passive deployments.

Unlike other sensors & dataloggers at PASSCAL, use of the ZLand 3C requires a deployment plan to be filed in advance with PASSCAL for handheld unit pre-programming.  Likewise, the units must be sent back to PASSCAL for data offload.


  • This 3-channel all-in-one sensor + datalogger has a corner frequency of 5Hz and a 24 bit ADC
  • Power source: Lithium ion battery with ~35 day lifespan at 500sps continuous recording
  • Physical Size: 6.4in x 4.6in with additional 4.6in central spike
  • Weight: 6.2lbs
  • Sample rate: 250, 500, 1000, or 2000 sps
  • Storage capacity: 32GB (500sps continuous record ~=388.8Mb/day)

Manufacturers Documents:

Visit the manufacturer's webpage here, and download the Magseis Fairfield ZLand 3C spec sheet here.

Response Characteristics:

Please note, this response information is calculated for a gain setting of 12dB.