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Shipping for Experiments


The cost of shipping PASSCAL equipment to and from field experiments is the responsibility of the requesting institution. Accurate estimates of these shipping costs are important because they may constitute a significant portion of project budget.

Shipping costs incurred by the PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) are billed to the experiment through IRIS Headquarters. Please allow 2 months for receipt of this bill. If you have not received a bill by this time please contact IRIS.

To obtain accurate price quotes from shipping companies, you will need:

  • point of origin 
  • final destination 
  • projected pick up date
  • projected delivery date
  • total number of pallets (including an individual piece count)
  • total weight
  • volume (l x w x h)

Quotes are subject to change. Estimates of freight charges are furnished as a convenience to the shipping public and represent nothing more then approximation of the freight charges and are not binding on either the carrier or the shipper.
International shipments may be assessed additional fees for customs clearance, brokerage fees, storage, cartage, etc. Import duties in foreign countries can be substantial, check the cost of import duty bonds.


Return shipments

The following points should be noted when shipping PASSCAL equipment:

Shipment is normally by air cargo. If other methods are to be used, the equipment must still arrive at the PIC by the date established by the Experiment Coordinator.

Shipments to the PIC must be prepaid. The PIC cannot accept COD shipments.

Shipments which go directly from one experiment to another without going through the PIC will have the shipping costs apportioned between the two experiments. The maximum amount will be the cost to send the equipment from the PIC to the experiment.

All equipment is insured; no additional insurance is warranted (overseas use of Flexible Array Texans may require you to purchase insurance).

All customs, duties, or brokers fees will be paid by the requesting institution.

All equipment must be returned in CLEAN working order.

Any defective equipment should be clearly marked. A list describing the specific problem with each piece of defective equipment would be greatly appreciated.

All PASSCAL shipping containers and packing material is reusable, so please return the equipment in the same materials.

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