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Nanometrics Trillium 120 Posthole Broadband Sensor

Note:  PASSCAL has purchased 11 Nanometrics Trillium 120PH seismometers.

Salient Features:

  • Automatic levelling can be remotely initiated to correct leveling of up to +/- 5 degrees (+/-10 degrees is also an option), simplifying down-hole installations
  • The axis stack is mechanically levelled to ensure that the vertical axis does not couple horizontal noise
  • A robust, waterproof, stainless steel enclosure ensures the sensor is protected from hostile environments
  • The down-hole design includes a 5.6 inch diameter casing, single marine grade connector and a centered attachment eye bolt on the top surface
  • Low power consumption of 560mw minimizes power source requirements at the site
  • Exceptional self noise below NLNM at 100 seconds is well suited for quiet down-hole installations

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