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Nanometrics Trillium 40 Intermediate Sensor

Salient Features:

  • Long period corner is 40 seconds and sensor has a self noise level below the Low Noise model (NLNM) from 15 seconds to 5 Hz, but self noise is well ABOVE the NLNM for periods longer than 15 seconds
  • Low power
  • Easy to use - No Mass lock/unlock; Masses are free to move at all times
  • Logic active low

Manufacturer Documents:

Response Characteristics:

Installation Tips:

  • Orienting: Base of sensor has BOTH A) Vertical scribe marks for N and S, and B) holes for 5/16" alignment rod for E and W
  • Foot lock when level: The foot (or leg) 'locking' nut tightens upward against the sensor case, not downward onto the foot itself.