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All-In-One Systems

All-In-One systems combine seismic sensors with their dataloggers in a single, easily-deployed unit. Because these units do not require numerous cables to connect a sensor to its datalogger, they avoid many serious problems associated with cables, such as incorrect connector types, broken and chewed wires, or damaged pins. They are also much easier to deploy than conventional sensor/datalogger combinations. Their use can dramatically cut down on both station installation times and the number of required personnel. Their smaller size can also be very beneficial for deployments using volume-limited transportation methods, such as sea vessels.

Because Nodes and SmartSolos both utilize lithium batteries that operate above the 100Wh threshold, shipping of more than 2 units produced by either vendor will require special handling, including: packing, marking and documentation. Special handling, if needed, will require the assistance of a certified dangerous goods shipper.




PASSCAL's inventory includes two All-In-One systems: Magseis Fairfield ZLand 3C Nodes, and Smart Solo IGU-16HR 3C units. Their capabilities are compared in the table below. Both types of units have a corner frequency of 5Hz, and a 24 bit ADC.



Type Size Weight Sample Rates Storage

Fairfield ZLand 3C Nodes

6.4in x 4.6in x 4.6in
4.6in central spike)

2.8 kg
250, 500, 1000,
or 2000 sps
32GB (500sps continuous
record ~=388.8Mb/day)
Smart Solo IGU-16HR 3C 4.1in x 3.7in x 7.4in
(without spike)
2.4 kg
250, 500, 1000,
2000, or 4000 sps
64GB (500sps continuous
record ~=388.8Mb/day)




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