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Pegasus Datalogger

The Pegasus is a 3 channel high-resolution data logger. It is very low power and easily configurable via a handheld device. The Pegasus is lightweight and small in form factor. The Pegasus has 32 gigabytes of internal recording space, and is downloaded via free software through USB. It supplies MiniSEED data along with StationXML to smoothly allow data archival. It also has built-in sensor controls, automatic mass re-centering, and calibration functions. The Pegasus is currently supplied as a set with a Trillium Compact sensor for a small station footprint and ease of installation.


  • 3 channels, 24-bit ADC
  • 40V peak to peak differential input
  • Physical size: 8.4cm (L) x 9.7cm (W) x 16.4cm (H)
  • Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Input voltage: 9-17VDC
  • Sample rate: 1 to 1000 sps
  • Internal storage capacity: 32GB
  • GPS Receiver: Internal GPS receiver or external antenna for higher accuracy.


Find out more about the Pegasus by downloading the brochure and by visiting the manufacturer's website:



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