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DASes for Summer Only Polar Programs

Refraction Technology RT-130

The Reftek RT-130 is a 24bit, low power, robust and very portable seismic data recorder.  It is well suited for deployment in harsh climate environment and is easy to program and retrieve data in the field.  It can have 3 or 6 channels and records data on Compact Flash (CF) cards.


Quanterra Q330

The Quanterra Q330 is also a 24bit, very low power, robust and portable seismic data recorder.   The low temperature version can operate properly down to -45C.  It also has the options of 3 or 6 channels.  The data is recorded on external Baler units which contain a solid state disk drive on the old models (PB14F) and thumb drives on the new models (B44).  With the newest Quanterra, the Q330S, the recording is done on thumb drives internal to the digitizer.