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Station Servicing Suggested Materials List


To prepare for servicing the stations in your experiment, contact Landowners, contact PASSCAL, charge/check all necessary batteries: e.g. Clie, laptop, voltmeter, station spares, Battery for Baler downloads, handheld GPS. Review prior data, if this is not the first service trip.

Items To Pack for Station Servicing Trip:

Clie - Charge it BEFORE you go into the field
    Clie Power Supply
    Hot Sync Cable
    Serial Cable for RT-130 AND/OR
    Serial Cable for Q330 (i.e. you must have the cabling necessary to communicate with your dataloggers)

Swap Media:
   CF cards for RT130's
   Balers for Q330's
Service Sheets, blank sheets, pencils, clip-board
(To obtain RT130 and Q330 Service Sheets for various applications, contact passcal [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (PASSCAL)).
Field Laptop w/ Power Supply, external drive for data backup and
   DOWNLOAD hardware:
     CF Card Reader for RT130's
     Baler Download cable(s), Multiple-Baler Download Box, 12V Battery

Digital Multimeter w/ spare battery and additional TOOLS 

Spare Parts:
   Station Battery, plus any hardware you have - dataloggers, sensors, cables, solar panels, etc.
Guralp HCU  w/ Cable (if you have Guralp sensors)
32 MB CF Card with Current RT-130 Firmware and 2 RT-130 backup Batteries (if you have RT130 dataloggers)
Hardcopy/Electronic Copy of Project Notes and PASSCAL Setup Docs
Copy of Install Sheets and any previous Service Sheets



PASSCAL does not provide expendable items with field equipment. This includes tools, paper, batteries, etc. The list below is meant to provide some guidelines for the experimentor to consider when preparing for station servicing. Not every item is essential and some can be obtained in the field on an as needed basis. 


Digital Multi-Meter aka Voltmeter
Leatherman Multi-Tool
Mini-Mag Flashlight and Headlamp

Basic Hand Tools (Screwdrivers, Pliers, etc...):

2 flat blade screwdrivers, one large (1 cm blade) one small (0.5 cm blade), phillips screwdriver #2 , 6 inch channel lock pliers, crimping tool with assortment of spade lugs and butt splices, small crescent wrench (adjustable spanner), small dikes (wire cutters), small needlenose pliers, hacksaw blades, hacksaw, bubble level, Battery Load Tester (Optional)

Supplies: Tarps, electrical tape, duct tape, self-vulcanizing tape, gaffers tape, Marking Pens, work gloves, battery posts, hand digging tool, whisk broom, spare locks/keys, magnifying glass, Windex to clear solar panels, Bailing Wire, Zip Ties, silicon lubricant for O-rings, RTV silicone sealant 
Fuses: 10A Power Box, 1A Guralp BOB, Fuses for your Multi-Meter
Crimp Connectors:
Battery Ring (Yellow) Crimp Connectors
Solar Panel (Blue) Fork Crimp Connectors
Misc Butt Splices (Yellow, Blue & Pink)
Post-it Note File Folder Labels to Label the CF Cards
Avery Labels: 3/4" x 1" Labels #5428 to Label the CF Card Cases
"Earthquake Monitoring Equipment" Labels
Basic First Aid Kit For Back Pack
Maps of the Area, Letters of permission
Compass and Handheld GPS
Digital Camera


Service Sheets: To obtain RT130 and Q330 Service and Install Sheets for various applications, contact passcal [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (PASSCAL). Please have PASSCAL review the Service Sheets (and Install Sheets) you plan on using for your experiment, even if you downloaded them from the PASSCAL website. We tailor the Sheets to your experiment, specifically the equipment you've borrowed. Plus datalogger firmware changes, newly discovered bugs, etc. necessitate revisions to these Sheets. Thank you.

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