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Nanometrics Centaur Datalogger

Nanometrics Centaur Datalogger

The Centaur is a 3 or 6 channel high-resolution data logger. It is low power and configurable for a wide range of applications and sensors. The Centaur has a rugged aluminum field enclosure, rugged exterior connectors, and external status indicators. The Centaur has removable data storage in the form of an SD card as well as internal redundant data storage. The removable SD card allows for quick retrieval of data stored on-site. The Centaur can record and telemeter up to two data streams as well as state-of-health information. It also has built-in sensor controls, automatic mass re-centering, and calibration functions. The Centaur accommodates infrasound and similar sensor recording applications that require higher sample rates. The Centaur is programmed using a built-in web interface, accessed on a web browser running a device with a standard Ethernet connection. No special software, apps, or hardware is required.


  • 3 or 6 channels, 24-bit ADC
  • 40V peak to peak differential input
  • Physical size: 7.7"(L) x 5.4"(W) x 3.5"(H)
  • Weight: 4.4 lb
  • Input voltage: 9-36VDC
  • Sample rate: 1 to 5000 sps
  • Removable storage capacity: SD card dependent, up to 64GB
  • Internal storage capacity: Model dependent, up to 64GB
    • (Internal data are mirror of SD card)
  • GPS Receiver: Internal GPS receiver via external antenna

For more specifications on the Centaur, you can visit the manufacturer's website at