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Instrumentation to support portable seismology available from IRIS facilities:

Dataloggers - This section encompasses the equipment which take in data and stores it on some type of non-volatile media.

Power Systems - All the required equipment to keep a seismic station contiously powered throughout it's deployment.

Sensors - The equipment that actually detects and quantifies ground motion. The sensor sends this information to the datalogger through a cable.

Field Procedures - A trove of documents describing siting, installation, servicing, in-field quality control, and demobilization.

Controlled Sources - describing new "Thumper" active source available at PASSCAL.

Seismic Source Facility, University of Texas at El Paso - The Seismic Source Facility (SSF) is a technical resource for the management of active-source seismic projects, providing end-to-end seismic source capabilities for Principal Investigators. The facility focuses on four main objectives: seismic source management, training, liability insurance and proposal support.

Magnetotelluric Systems - describing Magnetotelluric Systems available for investigations.

Ground Penetrating Radar - describing Noggin GPR System with SmartCart configuration.

Power and Memory Calculations Form - for estimating power and memory usage for Q330, RT130 and Texan dataloggers.

For Specialized Polar Equipment, go here.

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