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How long will it take?

  • Training at the PASSCAL Instrument Center takes an average of 2 days to cover a typical experiment.    The first day involves an overview from the PI, a discussion of proposed logistics, introduction or review of project instrumentation and a practice site installation.  The second day covers station servicing and demobilization, the PASSCAL suite of software for data download and review, and introduction or review of PASSCAL preferred database and data archiving procedures.

What can you expect from us?

  •  Training on the hardware that PASSCAL Instrument Center will provide for your experiment.  This will include the Digitizer, Sensor(s), Handheld controllers, and Power Systems.
  • Training on the PASSCAL suite of software for data downloading, assessment of instrumentation health, assessment of data quality and data archiving tools.
  • Discussions on logistics, site selection, and installation techniques.
  • Answers to all of your questions to the best of PASSCAL’s ability.

What do we expect from you?

  • Desired recording parameters
  • Expected initial date to be in the field
  • Number of teams for experiment installation phase and schedule of station servicing
  • Identification of person(s) responsible for data archiving (PASSCAL) or delivery of raw data to PASSCAL (Flexible Array)
  • Expected demobilization date

Why is training important?

PASSCAL feels that training is important for both the novice and well-seasoned PI.  

  • Training provides hands-on interaction with the many types of instrumentation, software and data handling that PASSCAL supplies.
  • With this hands-on interaction, comes the opportunity to ask questions you might not have thought to ask (until you were in the field with the equipment) and the opportunity to have them answered immediately by our on-site knowledgeable staff.


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