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Field Staffing

Field Staffing Policy

August 23, 2006 PIC staffing support for field operations

PIs may request PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) staff to support field operations. The PIC will do its best to provide the requested support given the available resources at the time of the field campaign. The PIC also reserves the right not to provide field support if the field area is deemed to dangerous; in such a case the PIC will do all that is possible to ensure the success of the experiment. The PIC strongly recommends that all PIs take advantage of this resource recognizing the expertise that the PIC staff offers field operations. Any individual PIC staff will not be required to spend more than four (4) weeks supporting a field campaign unless special circumstances exist and all parties, PI, PIC management and PIC field personnel, have agreed. For field campaigns that last longer than four (4) weeks PIs can opt to have rotating shifts of PIC staff support.

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