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Programming a Q330 with Hocus

Q330 Lab Bench Testing



First Part of Q330 SET-UP.


***Disable Internet LAN connection 1 and Enable LAN connection 2.


  1. Connect Ethernet cables to Qnet connection on Q330.

  2. Run Hocus.

  3. Enumerate. Refer to Figure 1. Note: if any Q330s will not enum., check IP/FW using Willard.

  4. Select 'All' and set IPs (Tag #id). They should all be different.

  5. Enumerate again to check IPs.

  6. Check F/W (1.8.0 most current in Greg's Bench Test Files folder).

    1. Not Current: select 'All,' update F/W, check the box, F/W is in Greg's B.T. F. folder.

    2. Select Greg's B.T.F. folder, then Q330, Firmware, 1.89(as of 4/07).

    3. Fast Erase & Download.

    4. Check F/W versions.

  7. Select 'All,' Fast Save to 330s. Under C:Greg's B.T.F. Folder/Hocus files/Q330_3ch/1421.xml.

  8. Set IDs, select one at a time. Type in first Q330 number. Check 'all ids same.'

  9. Select 'All,' Configure Interfaces. Ensure 'Buffer Full' is set at 90% and 'at minimum interval'

    is set to 60 minutes. Refer to Figure 2.

  10. EXIT HOCUS, Disconnect Ethernet Cables.