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New Web Organization

Our website has been reorganized! It may look the same at first glance, but take a closer look. The tabs and navigation menu are now more closely aligned with the PASSCAL working groups. There are a couple of new topics as well. This should make it much easier to quickly access the specific information you're looking for.

We invite you to explore the revised structure. Each of our groups (Administration, Instrumentation, Data, Polar, Transportable Array, and Software) has refined and clarified how information is presented. The "General Information" area displays general topics like Policies, Visiting Socorro, and Employment.  The "Instrumentation" page allows easy access to information on dataloggers, power systems, sensors, and field procedures.  The menus for Data Archiving, Polar experiments, US Array, and Software have all been reorganized as well.  Finally, the "Forms" page allows access to various online forms for pre-experiment, post-experiment and field usage.

Of particular note is the new, interactive scheduling database and the PI (Principal Investigator) Home Page  - see the 'Expt. Schedule' tab above. The PI Homepage provides PIs with many new tools, allowing them to track the progress of their experiments, from the first instrument request through the final stages of archiving. Starting in September 2010, Principal Investigators wanting to request Instruments will need to obtain user accounts on the PASSCAL website. Once a PI account is created, PI's will find that much of the required information for mobilization/demobilization/rebilling forms will be entered automatically from the Database. PIs are encouraged to download the new "PI's User Manual" from the link below; this describes the new features and procedures in detail.

We hope you'll find our new format helpful and easy to navigate. Please redesign [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (subject: web%20redesign%20feedback) (let us know) if you have comments or questions on the PASSCAL web reorganization.

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