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SEIS-UK joins IRIS/PASSCAL on Support Effort for Antarctic Projects


Alex Brisbane trying on his NSF-issued Antarctic Parka.


SEIS-UK Director Dr. Alex Brisbourne accompanies the staff of the PASSCAL Instrument Center  to gain experience working in polar environments while supporting the POLENET and Whillans Ice Sheet projects for a month and a half during this year's field season.


He'll start out working from the Crary Lab at the National Science Foundation (NSF) McMurdo base and later head out to the Whillans Ice Sheet for 2 weeks of snow camping and seismic station building.






Alex was in Christchurch, New Zealand before heading to the "ice" so he was able to participate in the POLENET station training session for Dr. Won Sang Lee, of KOPRI and also assisted with the loading of equipment on to the new Korean ice breaker, Araon.


Later, after training, Won Sang Lee (below) came to the Clothing Distribution Center to see the clothing issued to participants in NSF's Antarctic program.




Won Sang with a sample of NSF-issued Polar gear 


Alex standing on the deck of the Korean ice breaker, Araon, operated by KOPRI, while crew members prepare to load POLENET equipment on to the ship.