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Wrong file name in the LINUX rpms to install PQL

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Coline Mollaret
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Bug Report
Hi, I tried to install PQL II on Linux, Ubuntu 10.04. But when I compiled it, everything failed and it says, that .../pqlx_2010.314/src/lib/LINUX is not a directory. And that .../pqlx2012_314/PROD/bin/LINUX does not exist. In fact I checked in .../pqlx_2010.314/src/lib and .../pqlx2012_314/PROD/bin directories. And In both files, a MAC file exist, instead a LINUX file. Moreover, .../pqlx_2010.314/src/lib/LINUX exists, but it's not a directory. So I tried to remove this file, and to change both MAC file name in LINUX file name. And so when I try to compile it again, it says that the first lines were successfull (so it worked better like this), but then many lines failed. At the end, it claimed that the compilation and installation was successfull, but I don't believe it. Please can you fix it the soon as possible. I now in a remote place in Northern Norway for fieldwork, and I would like to use PQL. Best regards, Coline Mollaret