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human2epoch and epoch2human not consistent

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human2epoch and epoch2human are not reciprocal, but the same epoch time corresponds to a 7 hour time difference depending on which code is used. <br /><br />Expected behaviour: human2epoch and epoch2human are reciprocal functions <br /><br />/opt 158> human2epoch 2006:001:00:01 <br />human2epoch: Version 2004.100 <br />1136048460 <br /> <br />/opt 163> epoch2human 1136048460 <br />2005,365,17:01:00 <br />(Note 7 hours difference between time returned by epoch2human and time fed into human2epoch) <br /><br />Versions: <br />/opt 166> epoch2human -h <br />Version 2002.053 <br />human2epoch: Version 2004.100 <br /><br />Version of PASSCAL software used: 2010-063 <br /><br />In PASSOFT-LATEST (on 2011-07-21) epoch2human bombs with a segmentation fault, so I cannot check whether this has been updated, but this should probably be a separate bug (I tried recompiling, which works but still results in a segmentation fault) <br /><br />Fedora release 12 (Constantine) <br />Kernel
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These programs are deprecated, and have been replaced with h2e and e2h. They should be removed from the Release.