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PASSCAL Facility

The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) Portable Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (PASSCAL) Instrument Center and EarthScope USArray Array Operations Facility (AOF) at New Mexico Tech support cutting-edge seismological research into Earth’s fundamental geological structure and processes. The facility provides instrumentation for National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and otherwise funded seismological experiments around the world. PASSCAL experiment support includes seismic instrumentation, equipment maintenance, software, data archiving, training, logistics, and field installation.

Continued expansion of IRIS activities at New Mexico Tech via the EarthScope and other initiatives has spurred a major facility expansion, the EarthScope USArray Array Operations Facility. The AOF was officially dedicated on April 6, 2005 by the New Mexico Tech administration and the IRIS Board of Directors. The combined PASSCAL Instrument Center and AOF currently support a total of 33 professional New Mexico Tech staff, as well as a contingent of student workers.

PASSCAL and USArray Flexible Array equipment is available to any research or educational institution to use for research purposes within the guidelines of established policies. These policies provide that data collected with PASSCAL and/or USArray equipment be archived at the IRIS Data Management Center and that the data are openly available to the community. Instruments can be requested online using the PASSCAL Instrument Request Forms.

Recent News

Employment Opportunity: Associate Trade Compliance and Logistics

The EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC)  at New Mexico Tech is seeking to hire an Associate Trade Compliance and Logistics to join our logistics team to support international geophysical experiments.

Job Summary

This position is responsible for all areas of Logistics and Customs Compliance for EPIC supported science. It is focused on two aspects: Logistics Operations (80%) and Customs Compliance (20%).

Customs Compliance

This position will have responsibility for Import/Export customs and trade compliance related to shipping EPIC equipment globally. The scope of the responsibility includes the global movements of all inbound and outbound equipment, management of customs brokers, interaction with Principal Investigators regarding equipment movement and requirements/policy, compliance and US government programs and development and implementation of internal operating systems and processes.

Employment Opportunity: Staff Scientist/Seismometer Analyst

The EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC) at New Mexico Tech seeks a Seismometer Analyst to join our sensor team developing innovative equipment testing and providing support for geophysical projects, both internally and in the field. ​

Employment Opportunity at IRIS PASSCAL: Staff Scientist/Hardware Engineer (2)

IRIS/PASSCAL seeks a Staff Scientist/Hardware Engineer to join our hardware team, supporting the development of innovative solutions for testing equipment and supporting PASSCAL projects, both internally and in the field. 


Core responsibilities are to support routine testing of PASSCAL equipment and supporting PASSCAL engineering projects primarily in the lab and in the field as needed. Duties include: Routine testing of PASSCAL’s pooled hardware, research new products, materials and technologies that could advance the equipment pools and optimize support for PI experiments; test, develop and apply methods for testing seismic instrumentation and ancillary scientific equipment; development of specialized equipment to support geophysical installations in all environments; produce reports and maintain documentation and web content related to testing of scientific equipment; and as appropriate, field support of seismic experiments.  

Employment Opportunity: Hardware Specialist

The EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC)  at New Mexico Tech is seeking applicants to fill the position of Hardware Specialist.


Employment Opportunity: Magnetotellurics Specialist

The EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC)  at New Mexico Tech is seeking a Magnetotellurics Specialist to lead our nascent MT support program. You will be joining a staff of 35 providing support to geophysical research globally.


Core responsibility is to support magnetotelluric equipment pool at the EPIC. Support will include: equipment testing and maintenance; coordinating equipment use; data archiving support; user training; and fieldwork. The Magnetotelluric Specialist will also be responsible for developing training and use documentation emphasizing best practices.


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