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Intermediate Period

Community Broadband Sensor Repair Policy

ver. 2011093

The PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) has historically honored requests to repair community owned broadband seismometers. Significant resources are required to process, evaluate, and repair a broadband instrument. To ensure that we are able to properly administer these requests and that we are offering these services consistently to all members of the IRIS community, the following policy will govern the PASSCAL Instrument Center's handling of these requests.

Intermediate Sensors

PASSCAL Intermediate-Period Sensors: Guralp CMG3-ESP Guralp CMG40T Nanometrics Trillium40 Features:

The low-period corner is 30 seconds for the 3 Guralps and is 40 seconds for the Nanometrics sensor. All are 3-component feedback sensors. The CMG40T and Trillium40 masses do not lock. One should still ship and handle them with care so as not to damage them. The CMG3-ESP has masses that require manual locking and unlocking.  For information on the CMG40T with corner-frequencies of 1-sec, click here.

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