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4.5Hz High Frequency Single Component Sensor

Salient Features These single component geophones are available as vertical units for use with the Texan digitizer and as vertical 6-channel strings for use with the multi-channel digitizer systems.  The multi-channel strings are rarely used. This single channel vertical geophone has a frequency of 4.5Hz, damping of .707 critical and a sensitivity of 100 V/m/s. The primary use of these geophones is for active source experiments. Manufacturer Documents: PASSCAL’s 4.5Hz, vertical geophones were manufactured by Geospace under part number GS-11D. Installation & Troubleshooting:

 Installation requires a separate bubble level to be placed on top of the geophone for proper leveling.

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Sercel L-28-3D High Frequency Sensor

  Salient Features:  This 3-channel sensor has a frequency of 4.5Hz, is critically damped at .707 and has a sensitivity of 30.4 V/m/s.  Used for (but not limited to) active source (land and off-shore excitations), glacial movements, local earthquake and aftershock studies. Manufacturer Documents

Download the Brochure to obtain information about the L-28 geophones.

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