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Differences between Flexible Array and PASSCAL Experiment when archiving

For Flexible Array experiments, the Data Group at IRIS/PASSCAL shares responsabilities with the Principal Investigator(s) for the archiving of their data as with PASSCAL experiments, however instead of the fully processed data in the required format (seed or hdf5) and dataless provided by PI on a PASSCAL Experiment, The PI and his team in a Flexible Array submit all the raw data and information needed to generate the metadata at PASSCAL.

What you need to send to PASSCAL - Data Group:


Flexible Array


What to send to PASSCAL
  1. When Passive Source
    1. Raw data in an organized directory
    2. Metadata information & Report or additional information that helps to understand the nature of the experiment
  2. When Active Source
    1. Shot/source information
    2. Receiver/Station information
    3. Report and general information about the experiment
    4. Raw data
  1. When Passive source data
    1. mseed day volumes
    2. metadata or dataless
  2. When Active Source
    1. ph5 file
    2. all kef files
    3. ph5*log file
    4. Experiment Report
    5. data_request.txt and key_file.txt (to revise)

Method - How

Via mail on a hard drive that can be provided by PASSCAL if needed.
Hard drives should be mailed to Data_Group

If Passive Source : Via ftp using Gui_DoFTP which will send the data to our in-house Control System

If Active Source : Via mail on a hard drive

Please always contact data_group [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu before sending any data.

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